BKN® Trending New Helicopter alloy Solar Car Air Freshener Aromatherapy Car Interior Decoration Accessories Perfume Diffuser (Silver_Black, Random)

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Do you feel that the wind is too strong and the smell is too strong?

Are you worried that the wind is too fast so that the oil is too fast?

Features: – Easily remove all odors and make your car more refreshing.High-end double-ring rotating air purifiers for air purifiers for car/office/bathroom/home decor, fun gifts and novelty gifts.

Perfume seat shape: double ring rotation Fragrance type: random aromatherapy such as cologne. Instructions: 1. Open the package, take out the product, open the essential oil bottle with the desired fragrance type, and fill the product with essential oil using a dropper.

2. Please slowly fill in the triangular position protruding from the center of the wood pieces to allow the essential oil to spread freely, and add 1-15 dropper essential oil each time.

3. Peel off the protective film on the bottom non-slip pad to fix the product in a proper position.

4. When you feel that the aroma is insufficient, please refill the essential oil again. It is recommended to add the essential oil in 10 days.

5. Please cover the bottle cap well and store it in a suitable cool place after filling the essential oil each time.


1. Piease use it strictly in accordance with product instructions, and keep away from high temperature and fire. 2. Please do not drop the essential oil on the metal external parts, the essential oil will affect the surface of the metal external parts.

3. Do not allow children to contact this product. If you accidentally get into your eyes, piease immediately rinse with water.

4. Do not swallow. If swallowed, consult a doctor immediately.

5. Do not place this product at will, especially in places that affect driving, or above or near airbags.
✈ HIGH QUALITY CAR Helicopter AIR FRESHENER: Our car perfume features unique regulation mechanism with high quality Cologne fragrance, the solid Nano-aroma core is equivalent to 5 ordinary scented tablets.
✈ Using solar energy to drive intelligent rotating purifier, as long as there is sunlight can be automatic rotated to accelerate the diffusion of the aroma, without manual operation. No need to charge, save energy and protect the environment.
✈ COMPATIBILITY : Hassle-free placement on dashboard and it sources the power from sunlight. Set with Recyclable adhesive, our car air freshener is different from car diffuser vent clip, you can easily set it on your dashboard or anywhere. Reusable & washable adhesive allows you repeatedly set this air freshener on different position without hurt your car.
✈ Made of light luxury alloy, the shape is mini and elegant. It will not block your sight in the car, and can be used as a car interior. This Car Fragrance not only can used in your car, but also your bathroom, bedroom and office, etc..

BKN® Trending New Helicopter alloy Solar Car Air Freshener Aromatherapy Car Interior Decoration Accessories Perfume Diffuser (Silver_Black, Random)
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